17 July 2017

Last class of term in London tomorrow

Tuesday this week is the last day of term. The workshop warms up with stepping partnerwork in Friday night, come if you have done talu or wabu, or even the dance.

I am freshly back from Ireland where we had a heat wave. I'll get a chance to blog more later this week. I was teaching friends and their families to make lots of crafts, and also reconnecting with a dear friend who I last saw 24 years ago. What an amazing week. Ireland really is as green and beautiful as the 'Emerald Isle' brag suggests. It's also the only other place I can go where the cups of tea are strong, delicious and regular. 

Some of the crafts we were making. The kids made impromptu wands from willow and I wrapped the handles in some leather we had left over. They wore capes whilst making them. Made me want to dress up for fun more... 

The view this morning from the hut I was staying in. 

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