20 June 2017

Solstice eve

Home late after work which meant I sadly had to miss class. Lit my lamp, new wick and oil needed, candles have taken over duty. Litha tomorrow: Midsummer day. For some it's the middle of summer for others the start. How it feels to me: midday of the year.
   Speaking of midday, the heat has been too much for me for the last 4 days, to be honest, and there's still another day or two to go. In the mornings I have taught T'ai Chi in our shady hideaway or done chores but I spend the afternoons mainly spraying myself with a plant mister full of water and only trying to do small things. My neighbours jump in the river to cool-off but I've seen the huge jaws of the many huge healthy pike...
Here's one small job done: the knife I forged three years ago now with the full-tang pear-wood handle cut down to the perfect size. Now it can hang on a neck strap of twined buckskin. I was given the bark tanned leather to sew the case. Hilariously found a good set of photos and instructions on art of manliness dot com. If only they knew how large is the intersect in the Venn diagram of my set of (wo)manly arts and interests and theirs. 
Alder tree against the sky just now. 

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