29 June 2017


I am just packing and preparing my final things, as tomorrow I head up north to teach the last weekend workshop of the school year in Aberdeenshire. After that I will be off to teach a private student in Shetland followed by a public taster class in aid of the otter sanctuary. I am really looking forward  seeing the Scottish students and have lots of rather subtle delightful things to share, that we have been working on with Mark.

In other news,  I have been crafting a lot recently, as you've seen on the blog. However all this must pause whilst I work on a series of tiny illuminations on parchment for Dark Mountain 12, whose theme will be 'The Sacred'. I am really looking forward to cracking out the oak gall ink and quills again. More on this soon...  Dark Mountain are building a new website and reaching out to more people to get involved. It's been a transformational publication / movement / bunch of excellent folks for me, and if you want to get involved have a look here. My work appears in issues 8, 10 and soon 12.

These beautiful strawberries looked like they had been finely inscribed with pale cream ink upon their deep red backgrounds. 

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