22 April 2017

Nafisah Baba - a great young dancer

Just had he accidental pleasure of watching the BBC Young Dancer Grand Final on BBC2 tonight. Go and watch it on iplayer. Nafisah Baba won, my favourite by far, she danced with so much strength and emotion it brought tears to my eyes. I have enjoyed contemporary dance since I was about 14 both on TV and in theatres when I could afford it, but some years don't get to see any. During my teens Channel 4 used to have a thread called 'Dance on Four' and I saw DV8, The Cholmondleys and the Featherstonhaughs, Michael Clark and many more, which made a huge impression. Tonight it was a joy to see such a creative and distinctive dancer get some prime time on our screens. Her piece for the duet section was stunning, felt like they were dancing from my own feelings. Congratulations to her and all the finalists. Now I will have to go iplayer and watch all the heats...

First poetry with Kate Tempest, now awesome dance on BBC2. Very happy for my license fee to pay for this. More meaning in the finalists' movements tonight than a whole day of politicians' rubbish. 

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