09 March 2017

This week

Last week's Tuesday class with Mark was great, well done to the new sabreurs and to the Short Firm beginners who just finished the 1st third up to Crossing Hands.

Sword session was great too. 

I am off to Aberdeenshire to teach in the morning so will get an early night. 
Meanwhile here's a few quotes from John Kells, which folks who knew him have been sharing. 

'Chin out in arrogance, bum out in ignorance.' 
- cheers to Verne for that scorcher...

Mark's favourite: 
'Clotted with self.'

'All you have to do is stop reminding what you are about what you are.'

I love:
'The oil that allows the waist to turn is provided by the mind.'

'Softness is when your physicality no longer resists energy.'

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