13 March 2017

Gothenburg and Shetland workshops

In my ongoing project to teach only in places with a high probability of damp, cool weather, I'll be teaching two days of workshops on 10am-5pm 1-2 April in Sweden. It's for a group who have studied with both me and Mark before. If you'll be in Gothenburg and want to attend, let me know. It won't be suitable for beginners, but for those with some experience.

Later this year I will be teaching some private 121s in the north west of Shetland from 4-7 July with someone who studied with John Kells many years ago. There will also be a chance to have an open session for any folks to attend. Do let me know if you are interested, date and time TBC.  No experience is necessary. 

I have actually taught T'ai Chi twice in warm places. My first ever lesson where I taught an adult was a to saddhu whilst travelling near Manali in India in 1989. The second time was by Lake Garda with Simon a few years ago. Both were great. Balmiest since then was probably 9 years of summers in Hackney, but hardly scorchio. 

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