01 March 2017

Good things

I usually round up lots of the things I have enjoyed each year at Christmas. However, my broadband only just got fixed, and for the last 3 months the connection has been super slow, so I was averse to going online at all. It's now fixed. Here's the first go at a list of things I have enjoyed that I'd like to share. I'll fill it out during the next few days.

Arve Henriksen I have loved his music for years, particularly 'Chiaroscuro'. You can listen on Spotify.
Wendell Berry I am reading Paul Kingsnorth's anthology of his wonderful essays 'The World Ending Fire'. I have to keep stopping to put yet another post-it page marker in the book.
John Berger got me through art college without going mad. A wonderful thinker and writer, I have been delving back into his books since he died. I would recommend 'Ways of Seeing', 'Confabulations' and 'And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos'.
The TV and film work of Brit Marling, particularly 'The OA'.
Some select TV has been good: The Man In The High Castle S2, Falling Water, Mr Robot.
Benjamen Walker's Theory Of Everything. My favourite podcast. If you don't know it yet you have a treat ahead.
Radiolab is still good, but perhaps not quite as good as it once was.
Kate Bush still rules.

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