01 February 2017


Just a little heads-up for the instructors. There's still a few folks out there trying a scam where they get the T'ai Chi/ yoga / fitness teacher to book their mum in for some lessons when she 'comes to the country for a few months'. Arcane bank arrangements will be suggested. If you follow through, you'll get fleeced. The mum does not exist, it's a generic scam to get your bank details but can sound so plausible. 

However, once I did end up teaching a real person whose initial contact had sounded like a scam. So I am always very polite, offer to arrange things in person by phone, and write that all new students pay me in cash over tea after their lesson (which is true, and the norm). This is just on the off-chance there is a genuine person behind the clunky email, who is keen to do T'ai Chi. All but that one time, I never heard back again. 

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