19 February 2017

Old friends

Last night we met up with Berlin-based Canadian T'ai Chi master and dear friend Sam Masich, and his great wife Janira after they had taught Nei Gung all day in Brighton. We were so busy catching up with all the news we totally forgot to take any photos, so maybe next time.

Sam and Janira teach in the UK about 3 times a year and we try to meet up when we can. I also reconnected with a few of the great folks who study with him whom I had previously met at Taichi Caledonia and Push Hands Hannover. Simon and Cher of Taichi Wisdom organise Sam's
UK sessions, and they were looking very well. In particular it was good to see Al Scott from Glasgow, who teaches and also now organises Taichi Caledonia since Ronnie Robinson's death last year. Al was always good to push hands with, and I look forward to meeting up with him again this year. 

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