28 February 2017

Get a grip

Mark's tea pot handles have been in a somewhat threadbare state recently, and I have finally had a day off with time to rewrap them. I used split spruce roots last time but have not yet had a chance to harvest any more. Last week after storm Doris I spotted some naturally retted fallen lime tree inner bark on the grass verges near here, as you do, and took it home as treasure. Half-rotten bark- just what everyone needs... Cleaned and split it's one of the nicest natural fibres with which to make cordage, and it's what I have bound the handles with in time for class tonight. There's 4 ply and 2ply, as I hadn't quite made enough at first.

Split spruce roots on far handle, lime inner bark twine on near handle. Mended things are even nicer than new things. 

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