12 January 2017

Random (not fake) news

Off to bed early as it's a 5.45am start tomorrow to head north and teach in Scotland. Wish me luck with the weather and my sleepy head. I have lots of great stuff to share even just from this last week of classes with Mark. 

It's been really heartening being in touch with some of John's old students since he passed away, in what was otherwise a sad time. What an excellent bunch of people he drew to himself. I feel hugely grateful to have found this lineage.

I'll soon be teaching in Sweden again for the first time in some years. The students who came to the last summer workshop have got together to invite me over on 1-2 April. I am looking forward to it. April Fool's Day is an excellent day to work with this stuff. 

Lastly, if you forgot to order a calendar, I will make a new order on Tuesday, so let me know by then if you'd like one. 

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