28 January 2017

All London workshops 2017

Here's the list of all workshops with Mark this year. I just had a great session teaching sword to old Hackney student Chris Laver, and I promised I'd get this on the blog today. You can always search for older posts and info by using the tags list or the search box, by the way...

Sunday 2-5pm workshops in Wandsworth, usual venue St Mary Magdalene Church Hall: £22

26th February: Sabre
2nd April: Sword (all who have finished Sabre are welcome to attend as new beginners)
11th June: Sabre (new Sabre beginners are welcome, you need to have finished Short Form)
9th July: Sword
24th September: Staff (all are welcome to begin Staff who have completed Short Form)

Summer workshop: 22-28th July (21st eve Stepping Partnerwork)
October workshop: 14-16 October in Scotland (13th eve Weapons)

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