10 December 2016

Plaistow class

Thanks to all who came last night and made our first Plaistow class so great. Thanks again to Jon for his generosity in hosting us. It added a level of challenge to finish the Short Form without thinking about the delicious sourdough flat breads  we could smell baking in the kitchen. Not an issue I have ever had in 19 years T'ai Chi.

We did the warm ups, Short Form, questions and applications, Salutations and another Short Form, finishing with 5 Element Chi Gung. 

In The New Year we will begin the Long Form, revision for some, new for others. By request, as we go through the form we will learn each application, and how to give the right 'attack' for our partner to do each posture just so. This is the famous 'imaginary ninja' made flesh. It's very good fun and really helps with learning and remembering postures, as well as noticing when you're not yielding, retreating or noodling. It's also a classic way to learn, and Master TT Liang recommended this way of working as very beneficial. 

Formal push hands will take a back seat for a while as the applications will make great partnerwork. 

Next session will be on 6th Jan 7-9pm (jasmine tea and home made bread afterwards!). Let me know if you'd like to come along and to get the address. All who have finished Short Form are welcome, cost £10, £6 concs. 

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