12 November 2016

Monthly East London Class

I have finally got things together and organised a monthly meet up for any old Hackney students who would like to join in, and any of  Mark's students who may be living or working in north or east London and fancy coming along. There's no obligation to book or turn up, as I will be at a student's home to do T'ai Chi anyway. There is a lovely room we can do form, dance and push hands in, not enough room for sword but hey ho, we can use the garden in the summer. I would be happy to teach whatever folks who turn up wanted, but short and long form, dance and some partnerwork would certainly be possible. I think we could aim for 2 hours, 7-9pm, then we will lay on tea and some snacks. Please let me know if you are interested. It is likely to happen on Fridays, as that is the only time my student is free and most old students could be around. Cost would be £10 / £5 concs.

The address located 6 mins walk from Plaistow tube, 5 mins on bus from Stratford tube / train / bus station. Contact me for address. First session is scheduled for 9th December. Hope you can make it!

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