01 October 2016

Meanwhile back in the Middle Ages...

I have been working and studying hard the last couple of weeks so today I have been mostly making iron gall ink and oil-tanning salmon skins... Got my chores done early, and all my admin that was urgent. Everything else can wait as I am spending a day in the past.
Oak galls from Wales and Epping Forest plus rusty nails from the boatyard. 

Iron gall ink after an hour or two, nice and black. Will add gum arabic tomorrow and adjust the colour and consistency. May also make a new swan or goose quill or two to celebrate. 

Ian, my 3rd generation family fishmonger (at Kingston's 800 year old market) is putting aside any unwanted fish skins from filleting for me to try tanning next weekend, in return for a jar of damson jam. Top trade! After he skinned and filetted the salmon I bought today, I scraped, scaled and soaked the skin. This evening I will work it until it's soft, in between cooking and eating the fish. Tomorrow: fresh wet walnuts were in the market - so walnut shell dye, Dorset Apple cake to make a dent in Frances' apple mountain and perhaps a jaunt up river. 
Hope you too are having a peaceful if wet weekend.

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