16 September 2016

September photos

Dark Mountain Basecamp at Embercombe. Wonderful people and place.

Little house boat on the lake at Embercombe, one of the few places I had a moment of home-envy.

...but then I came home.

The Pre-Norman art basket is in full swing, I will blog about it when it is finished.

Teaching in warm sunshine this weekend in Aberdeenshire. Wonderful work by all and good atmosphere - thanks to all who came and to P and D for having us again.

New partnerwork exercise, looking forward to sharing this one.

Annual fungi foray...

...always a delight to find comedy mushrooms. This is a rather cheeky orange birch bolete, next to unidentified 'lbj' (little brown job). If it's not edible, medicinal, useful or poisonous, sadly I probably haven't learned it over the years.

Lots of chanterelles, plenty of ceps, orange birch, brown birch and bay boletes, some deceivers and a bowl of brambles. We dried the boletes and processed the chanterelles for frying in butter and freezing. Some also went into a pie which was very tasty. Real thanks to the woods of Aberdeenshire for their bounty.

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