19 September 2016

Psychoyogi gig

From Chris Sanson...
Psychoyogi are playing at Biddle Bros. on Friday, 30 September, supported by Infernal Contraption and London Beat Club. The whole bimbang kadoozer will start about 20:00 and Psychoyogi will play from 22:00-ish for an hour or so (as ever, all times are ish).

Biddle Bros. is at 88 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0QR (plenty of buses and trains nearby) and admission is free.

Psychoyogi on this occasion is:
Chris Ramsing (lead vocals, guitar, composer/songwriter and generally Main Man)
Chris Sansom (bass, vocals)
Ravi Low-Beer (drums)
and just possibly Jonas Golland (percussion) though that’s yet to be confirmed

For a taste (with added horns and whatnot - and I’m only playing bass on the latest album, Shrine):

We're also at the Birds Nest on Thursday 10 November, but that’s a way off yet and you’ll hear about it nearer the time.

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