29 July 2016

Thingumy whatsit

Just a quick post as I thought I'd better say - I may not be as organised as usual this workshop, due to hormonal challenges. I can be a bit forgetful about small things, so please be patient with me when I add up your fees tonight, or forgot some detail of a thing you said. Apparently it'll pass in a few years... Anyway, it hasn't affected my T'ai Chi or body-memory for the worse one bit, in fact, I feel better connected and more sensitive. If I seem momentarily teary or strange, just wait a moment- it's unlikely to be anything you did, I'm just having to yield to very sneaky chemical pushes. 'Normal' service may be resumed at some point. In the meantime here's  a great quote from Morrissey / The Smiths:
'If I seem a little strange,
Well that's because I am.'

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