24 June 2016

Talu class

Thanks to Mark for an excellent class last night. Floods in London kept a few folks away but don't worry, you can catch up or join in any time his term. Picture below features a room full of knockers - people doing the ward-off exercise known as knocking...
I just woke up to news that UK is leaving EU. As you know I keep this blog largely free of politics. But if this means a second Scotland / UK referendum, and Scotland leaves, I will still come north with my passport and T'ai Chi, so long as cakes aren't comfiscated at the border. Also Hamid has just texted he's coming to live in Scotland and changing his name to Hamish. Large Persians in Monymusk have so far only been of the feline variety. 

Keep to Central Earth during the storm of opinion that will now engulf us all. Or throw away the telly and go walk in the green hills which were there before us all and will be there after we are merely dust and echoes. I send my love and best wishes to all past and present Great River and T'ai Chi Centre students where ever they are in UK and all over the world. 

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