17 May 2016

Traditional Crafts

I have just returned from an excellent weekend in the woods assisting at a Deer In a Day and Wild Food and Foraging. This summer will see the last opportunity for some time to do lots of beautiful traditional crafts at Joe's School before he buckles down to write his second book, meaning some courses will not run next year. If you love making things, or have friends who do, please get in touch so I can pass on a discount code for courses this year. In August will be going to this course to make buckskin, birch bark boxes and bowls and spoons. I plan to make lots of gifts and have more time with good folks in the woods. The teaching is great and the atmosphere is wonderful, much like The T'ai Chi Centre but with radically different footwear, added sticks and wood smoke! (...and occasionally mud.)

Some of the things I made over the last year, that may feature in the Wilderness Crafts course.

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