17 May 2016

New Talu class in London

You will be welcome at our new Talu and stepping partner work class. We will cover Ta Lu ('Big Roll-Back') which features the corner energies- split, pull-down, shoulder and elbow. These follow on from and complement the main square energies of T'ai Chi which form pushing hands (roll-back, ward-off, push and press). We will also learn Wabu (lively stepping) which eventually leads to moving-step double pushing hands, and combined with Talu then develops into 'Thirteen Postures T'ai Chi' - the Classical route to free pushing. We will learn exercises such as knocking, to develop ward-off and roundness, and study the many ways of stepping, and when each is appropriate. This all leads to a natural sense of when to move and when to stand our ground using softness. All T'ai Chi students of any school are welcome, with at least 2 year's experience. Please get in touch for eligibility. Classes will be taught by Master Mark Raudva.

Address: 136 Streatham High Road, entrance on Woodbourne Ave. Class costs £90 / £66 per 6 week block or £18 drop in fee. Class runs from 16th June 2016 for 6 weeks, then continues after the Summer break during normal term times from September 15th. Students are welcome to stay on after tea break for Long Form as appropriate.
Days and Times: Thursdays from 16th July 2016, 6.30-8.30pm

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