15 March 2016

London classes this week with Mark

Class runs this week as normal Tuesday and Thursday. There is a Soird session this Sunday 20th 2-5pm at St Mary Magdalene Hall, all Sword students are welcome, as is anyone who has completed Sabre Form.

All dates are up to date here on this blog and on the yellow hand outs you can get at class this month, which replace all other previous ones.

Last classes of term are 22nd and 24th March. Term resumes with Sabre Sunday Session on Sunday 10th April, then Tuesday class (with Sabre and Sword study) on Tuesday 12th and Thursday class on 14th also has some Sword study after break. 

Next term a new Ta Lu, Wabu, stepping partnerwork session will begin on Thursdays in Streatham, date tbc. All students will be welcome. As usual, coming to a second class in the week only costs £5. 

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