16 February 2016

Aberdeenshire thanks

We had a great weekend of T'ai Chi these last few days, thanks to all who came. Sad I missed weapons due to the plane cancellation, but glad you had a good session. Despite the excess of desserts on Saturday I still miraculously fit into my trousers... Must be the 15 hrs of T'ai Chi... Home now and having a wee break from any folk at all for one evening. A very talkative man infuriated the entire 'quiet coach' today on Virgin Trains, and didn't stop talking for so much as 1 minute for 3.5hrs. We could all do a Mastermind specialist subject round on his (very interesting and charmed) life, I'm sure. As soon as I got home I turned the silence up to eleven... I'm still blaring it out right now.

Part The Wild Horses Mane applications, (with safety catcher in case of falling partner). 

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