12 January 2016


I have been thinking about blogging recently, and as I was updating the info here today, I had a brief look back at my first posts from May 2005. Almost 11 years ago! It's not just my hair that has changed in the intervening years. I am happy if this blog has been of use to the T'ai Chi folks in our schools. Also, as I do not allow ads (as Google puts it 'monetising your blog' - eugh) I feel happy that the blog remains a useful thing, and it's a place to pool all the info we need for the schools to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. If you don't already know the main websites for the schools, then follow the links at the sides, as this is where the longer-form writing lives: our approach, syllabus, resources, etc.

Though I don't do Twitter and Facebook, let alone Instagram and WhatsApp, I do still appreciate blogging, and am not in any way averse to getting things done online. However, as with email, the blog can be a more considered format, and I am very glad of both these channels. I do not allow unmoderated comments, considering the amount of commercial drivel and barely hidden bile that they can contain. If you want advertisements, controversy and argument, I hear they're available 24/7 on other websites... Perhaps if I had something to sell, or was desperate for more students then I might use every medium at hand to 'maximise my advantage'. However, considering the Tao, and how great are the students who wind up finding us, I will leave things as they are for another year.

Now I shall get back to making the 2016 event print-outs for everyone, sorting the photos and updates for my site, and generally staring at this screen for a while longer.

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