22 November 2015

Sir John Cass faculty

I have just received this from my long-term Hackney student Aleks, who teaches at the Metropolitan University. Please read and support this urgent request for help.

Dear friends, colleagues, students, dear all,

This is not some random email that I'm forwarding casually.

This is about saving our school of art, architecture and design, in which many of you studied or worked, from a move that will undermine it to the point of destruction.

Please take 5 minutes to sign the petition if you agree.


You can read what this is about here, published in today's Observer and signed by many distuinguished professionals who agree that this is a plan which is about to come to realisation and which will have disastrous consequences, for staff, students and everyone involved, as well as the community that surrounds it.


Your support is needed.

Many thanks,

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