25 November 2015

Sabre and Sword sessions at The T'ai Chi Centre classes 2016

Here are the dates when you can study Sabre or Sword on Tuesdays, or advanced Sword on Thursdays. Beginners and Short Form or Long Form sessions will not be affected, as weapons will take place after tea break. Hackney students are also welcome to attend.

January: Tues 19th, Thurs 21st
February: 2nd, 4th
March: 1st, 3rd
April: 12th, 14th
May: 3rd, 5th
June: 7th, 9th
July: 5th, 7th
September: 13th, 15th
October: 4th, 6th
November: 1st, 3rd
December: 6th, 8th

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