16 November 2015

Bloke on the Path

I really recommend that if you study T'ai Chi, you read or subscribe to Christian Birch's blog Bloke on the Path. He was a student of John Kells and writes lively, helpful, concise posts. Sadly, despite having many friends and colleagues in common, we have not yet met in person. Mostly I recommend you spend as little time at a screen as is possible, but if you must look at one, then find a moment to read this. I was just going to start doing little pieces on all the great T'ai Chi books I had read over the years, but then saw that Christian had just started doing that, and that I totally agreed with all his thoughts on them. So, just go and read his, you don't need my opinions too! If I notice a book missing that I really want to add, I will.

Also, it's important to say, you don't need to read a single book or blog to do great T'ai Chi. You don't need any equipment, and you definitely don't need any opinions. I prefer John Kells' simple instructions for once you have found a good teacher:

1. Start T'ai Chi.
2. Continue T'ai Chi.

1 comment:

Christian said...

Hi Caroline,

thank you for the plug. I've got enough books to keep the posts going for a few years!

If you would like to meet I can always come into London on a Saturday. It would have to be somewhere fairly central.