12 November 2015

Back online again

After lots of travel, I am finally back home and have my broadband up and running again after some issues. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. It's been an emotional time, since the funeral, but full of love and fellowship. The after effects of Carrying The Fire, in the heart of the moors in the Highlands, have also been profound. Last night's Hackney class was excellent, great questions by all the senior students especially. Thanks for all your time, effort and energy. It is fun to teach an experienced group... Finally, I am occasionally not able to get to Mark's classes at the moment but I hope to see everybody on Tuesday next week, and have the staff bags made by then too. People have been asking where to get the traditional cotton taichi shoes now that Shaolin Way has shut. You can get them at Playwell. If anyone knows of a shop where you can walk in and buy them, let me know.
Autumn leaves at Woodbrooke Quaker Centre.

Samhain table at Carrying the Fire.

Loch Ossian
Welcome to the new sabreurs at fetternear.

Punch Under Elbow applications at Balvack.
The full contingent of senior students at Hackney, caught by Davina, who was visiting - thank you!

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