19 February 2016

Several changes to 2016 study dates for The T'ai Chi Centre

Hello all, perhaps it was hormones, or who knows what, but the recent hand outs, and the calendars this year, feature several wrong dates, I can only apologise. Mark and myself have had to change dates for several reasons, and others may have been oversights on my part. Back in the old days we didn't have hand-outs or calendars, and maybe that was better! Anyway, please use your calendars for enjoyment and general use, but for T'ai Chi term and event dates, use this list below, which I have just personally checked through with Mark. I will get these printed onto some jaunty yellow paper tomorrow, and hand them out at classes, chuck the old ones away... Still, glad to bust the myth that I am hyper-organised.

Recent changes are underlined and bold.

London Terms 2016 -  dates inclusive:
Spring: 12th January - 24th March
Summer: 12th April - 21st July
Autumn: 13th September - 15th December

Sunday workshops: all £22.
'St M' = 2-5pm St Mary Magdalene Church hall.
'HC' = 2-5pm venue near Hampton Court train station, ask at class for details.
Sword - St M, 20th March
Sword - St M, 12th June
Sabre - St M, 10th April
Sabre - St M, 25th September
Staff - HC, 5th June, autumn date will be arranged if enough interest.
Heart Work - HC, 8th May, autumn date will be arranged if enough interest.

11th Annual Summer Intensive 23-29th July
Partnerwork optional 22nd 7-10pm.
Leander Sea Scout Hut, Kingston Upon Thames (same as 2015). Camping indoors at venue possible, free of charge. Workshops £44 per day or £22 per half day session, concessions available.

11th Annual Aberdeenshire 3 Day Workshop 15th-17th October
Weapons optional 14th 7-10pm.
Fetternear Hall, same as last year. Accommodation with students nearby available for £5 per night.
Workshops £44 per day or £22 per half day session, concessions available.

Weekend workshops with Caro in Aberdeenshire:
Following the same 5 session structure as previous years: Weapons, Short Form, Partnerwork, Long Form, Dance and advanced studies. There is usually space for a 121 session on each of the weekend mornings and sometimes on a Monday too. All GR and TCC students are welcome, get in touch for eligibility for sessions.
March 11th-13th
April 22-24th
May 20-22nd
June 17-19th
September 9-11th
November 18-20th
December 16-18th

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