15 October 2015

Dark Mountain 8

Shortly Dark Mountain 8 will come out, and I have a small piece of writing in it titled 'The Cook and His Cleaver'. Tonight is the launch night in London, and I am looking forward to going along and meeting some other Dark Mountaineers, having only met the editor Paul Kingsnorth before.

In other news; photons still bounce off and pass through substances in fascinating ways. I endured 7 Years of art education with everybody studiously avoiding any mention of the 'B' word, instead celebrating sight-gags, cleverness and replication of saleable items for the pinnacle of commodity capitalism. All that influence could still not expunge the colourful spreading stain that is my appreciation of fleeting beauty, which was probably what started me drawing in the first place as a wee girl.

My soul is not a white cube, it's a mushroomy forest floor, a swan-frequented riverbank, a red thread pulled through layers of found fabrics, gathering them into a huge quilt, finally sewn big enough to wrap my many parts in, and perhaps to receive guests.
Arundel castle chapel.

A fun afternoon sewing patches on weapons bags.

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