15 September 2015

Thursday Class this week with Mark

This Thursday will see the final Sword early evening session at this venue for the time being, everyone having successfully completed the Sword Form and applications. As brand new beginners will be welcome from 24th, class will run to the same layout each week: beginners 6.30 until 8pm, overlapping at first with the Long Form students who will get tuition until 9pm. After break, having completed the Dance Forms, the senior students will probably begin studying in depth silk reeling, although Dance questions will always be welcome. Sword will still take place once a month during the senior session. Bring swords anytime so we can go through a form after tea. 

I am also very excited about learning the Left Side in 121 lessons as I was living in Scotland last time Mark taught it as a class so it has always been the one area of syllabus I had missed out on. 

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