16 September 2015

Sabre and Sword links

Here are a couple of links to get hold of good quality bokkens and straight swords for studying Sabre and Sword.
For telescopic swords, ideal for form but not partnerwork, go to taichifinder. I have the Three Rounds one, which is excellent and only £22, but they now have deluxe heavier ones for £40, and I am tempted to try one out.
For bokkens (wooden sabre-shaped weapons) you can't beat Nine Circles, they are better quality than I have found elsewhere at a similar price.
For wooden swords I like their Lion Head swords which are all one piece of wood. Also available are plainer swords which I have used. They are nice for solo practice, but are made in two or more pieces, so are not so good for partnerwork and applications.
For an aluminium sword like Mark's, I have found, but not yet seen, these at Playwell. Their showroom is in London W5, maybe worth a look. I have bought many things mail order from them in the past satisfactorily. They also stock the more traditional T'ai chi swords in red oak, made of one piece.
Finally, we used to have very good swords from Longquan, and my sabre and sword are both from them. However, since rebuilding after a fire at their factory a few years ago, we have found quality to be variable. You may wish to try some of their swords, available from Taichilink, Faye Li yip's enterprise, but they may need a little work and readjustment when you get them, to make them just right. Sabre here.
The sabreurs last night.

Mark introduced Sword last night for those who have finished learning Sabre. Thanks for a great class...

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