08 July 2015

Music and campaign new from Karen

Save Islington Park Street video set to 'This Fear'
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Dearest People Folk,

It's been a crazy month for me as many of you will know. Firstly, a Massive THANK YOU to those of you who came to my album launch on 11th June. It was such a pleasure to play to a packed out Passing Clouds, with an awesome band, and such a joy to release 'Bitter Sweet.'

Here is an excerpt from the first review of Bitter Sweet :

'Bitter Sweet’ is an album quite unlike any other; it’s a totally original set of songs from a totally original artist who has no need to follow trends or do anything other than be herself. Karen Grace is a new young artist who deserves the success that is surely going to come her way.' Read full review here.

Thank you also for your feedback which has meant so much to me. If you haven't yet bought the album, you can do so through www.karengracemusic.com or on Amazon and iTunes.

Secondly, some of you will know that I, alongside my 18 housemates who live together in a unique community in Islington are being faced with the prospect of eviction after 39 years of thriving communal living. You may have read about it in The Guardian, or heard about it on Radio 4- we are in the thick of a campaign which is a 24/7 mission to fight our landlord One Housing Group that wants to 'decant us' and 'phase out' communal living. The bricks and mortar of the home we live in is worth considerably more (!) now than when our community was set up in 1976. Our local council has shown huge, and very moving support of us. But the fight is by no means over.

Amidst the fight, I have created this music video set to my song 'This Fear' which I wrote about this community and the threat of eviction that has loomed so long, and now feels fearfully real.

This Fear Music Video Please do share the video, and see www.islingtonparkstreet.org for a link to our petition, more info and other ways you can help.

Thank you people. Huge thanks for your appreciation and support on so many levels.

Karen x

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