12 March 2015

Spring is here - all change!

Hawthorn bush on the lock island.
This is a time of change and growth for all creatures in nature, and it's no different for me. Soon there will almost certainly be a change of venue for the Hackney Round Chapel class, after over 8 years there with me teaching, and another 5 years before that with teachers from our T'ai Chi family. This is due to the hall hire prices becoming too high for us to absorb, without making fees prohibitively high, or starting a brand new beginners course, which I do not wish to do. there are already two excellent groups at the venue, the Short and Long Form group, and the Senior students studying the Dance. We could not compress that all into a shorter class either, which has been suggested, as we are barely fitting all the goodness in already. I will give details at class next week, and will post it all on the website, Taichifinder and here after I have spoken with the students in person. We have a great new venue that I am looking forward to sharing with folks.
Upcoming events for T'ai Chi (I will produce a flyer for all classes next week)

Sabre - St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, 2-5pm Sunday 22nd March - all welcome including beginners, £20.

An Introduction to simple Taoist Meditation - at my place, details in person, 7-8.30pm Monday 23rd March, free. Session will be repeated on a Saturday in next few weeks for those who can't make it. all GR and TCC students are welcome. Tea will be served.

Heartwork, Sword, Sabre and Staff workshops continue all year as usual after that, details on blog already, but will update and repost shortly.

I am looking forward to working with the Scottish students from tomorrow and all weekend in Aberdeenshire. See you soon.

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