03 February 2015

Online / offline

2015 sees me spending as little time as possible in front of the computer screen, so I am hoping to update the blog just once a week, unless something needs attending to. Of course I can always be reached by email on my phone, and somehow that is so much easier than sitting here by the TV... The upside is that I have more time for seeing real people in the flesh, T'ai Chi, books, birds, walks, cake and all the other joys of life. I am looking forward to seeing the Great River students this weekend in Aberdeenshire, as well as teaching life drawing at Cuminestown on Thursday evening. There's a few things I want to blog about: books, films, and so on, but my wifi is a bit crummy tonight so I think I will wait til tomorrow. Also, I need to rest my arm (Tennis Elbow brought on by letting all my students try out on me their shearing splits, the chin-na from Needles at Sea Bottom, and the split in Step Forward to the Seven Stars). The upside is, their postures are looking really good.

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