27 September 2017


Here are all the links and suppliers for the updated website, now on the blog too for ease of access.
Good Bokken and tsuba (guard) supplier Nine Circles.
Very fine authentic bokkens from Japan, formerly called Bokken Shop.
Good wooden Swords from Nine Circles
Fine swords like Marli, David and Damien's are available from The Knight Shop.

Cloth, rubber or plastic soled traditional T'ai Chi slippers are best bought from various stores in China Town, London, now that Shaolin Way has closed down. Many of the small shops sell them cheaply and you can try them on first, as sizes can vary.

Feiyue shoes, collapsible swords and other great T'ai Chi supplies can be found at http://www.taichifinder.co.uk/products

I wear and recommend Vivo Barefoot shoes for T'ai Chi as they have thin waterproof soles, allow your feet to spread and last really well. Several other students also wear them and we all find them really comfortable and stable. They are not cheap, but as they sorted out my previously sore feet, I am inclined towards spending money on a good product.

We recently found these rubber soled T'ai Chi shoes on amazon, which are sturdier than normal and nicely broad at the toes.

We do not currently have a regular or reliable supplier of rattan or wooden staffs, metal or wooden swords or metal sabres. Please let me know if you find good suppliers so we can list them here. I can make cloth bags for all weapons and bespoke Sword tassels are available from several of the more crafty T'ai Chi students in Aberdeenshire, get in touch for details. Playwell.co.uk and blitzsport.com both supply staffs, swords and other equipment, and although both companies are fast and friendly, the staffs have been rather lightweight the last few years. Both have showrooms, so perhaps a visit would allow you to chose a staff that suits by hand from a big selection.

Our fine jasmine teas as served at class are all from Macbeans in Aberdeen, who do swift mail order too.

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