08 August 2019

Aberdeenshire Autumn Workshops-updated

Caroline's next visit to Aberdeenshire is on 6-8th September. The weekend will follow the usual workshop format. We'll also be going on our annual fungi foray on Monday 9th. Let Caroline or me know if you'd like to come along.

The October workshop is the annual 3 day intensive with Mark at Fetternear Hall 12-14th October, with a session on the evening of the 11th for those studying weapons. The summer workshop in Kingston was interesting and deep work but technique-light, so I'd really encourage any of the Aberdeenshire students, past or present, regardless of level of experience* , to come along on the Saturday afternoon to share this great teaching with a group of other lovely people. Then stay for as many sessions as you can...
All the details are available here, but feel free to contact me if you need any further information or help.

Caroline's remaining workshops of 2019 are 8-10th November and 6-8th December. 2020 dates will be scheduled around Oct/Nov time so please let Caroline know if there are weekends you would prefer her to avoid if possible.

* update: subject to having covered key elements of the syllabus - please talk to your instructor for more information and to discuss suitability. New beginners or students with less experience are encouraged to attend the monthly Saturday sessions with Caroline which cover Short Form and related Partnerwork.

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