13 January 2022

London Taichi Long Weekend with Mark in February

All students are welcome to come to 3 days of Taichi in Twickenham taught by Mark at the same venue as 2021's Summer 4 day Intensive. The dates are Saturday 12-Monday 14 Feb, 2pm - 9.30pm, with a break for food between the afternoon and evening sessions. Cost £50 per day, or £25 per session. Tea is provided, bring your own snack for the break. 

Call Mark for further details. It's not 'an intensive', but a chance to have some concentrated study and practice. We look forward to seeing you there.

08 January 2022

Kintore T'ai Chi classes with Scott Allan

Classes are running in Kintore with Scott on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 8.30pm for beginners, with short form and warm ups. To get in touch, call 07714 267057. All are welcome!

07 January 2022

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all who still peek into this little portal. I hope you had a great Hogmanay and that the year ahead brings you joy and connection. 

I am tucked away until July 2022 writing a book on natural paints which was commissioned by a great UK publisher. I'll also be teaching with Dark Mountain Project, Schumacher College and Dartington Trust this year. Taichi classes with me continue online only each Tuesday morning as I have decided to take the sabbatical that never happened, as I don't call 'being unable to teach during a pandemic' the same thing as a conscious break from a beloved livelihood.

Classes with Mark resume next week in London, and classes with all of you in Scotland are publicised locally and here. If anyone teaching in Aberdeenshire would like me to put the class info on the Great River website and Instagram, just email me the details and I can put it up in minutes. 

In the meantime my personal Taichi practice remains outdoors, under a spreading oak tree, back where I used to do it, 35 years ago. Other than that, I am keeping myself to myself and looking forward to turning 50 at the end of the month. All good wishes to you from the seaside. Caro.

17 December 2021

T'ai Chi news and classes in person and online

Mark will be teaching one more online class on Monday 20th December then taking some time off until early Jan. As soon as I have dates I'll post them here. 

Tuesday in-person classes will resume in Tooting on 11th January 2022. There is no class on 21st December.

121s are available by Zoom, Skype and in person at Mark's studio.

Caro's weekly Zoom Short Form class resumes 4th January.

Kevin Devine's Short Form class at Tooting Lido resumes in the New Year on 12th Jan.

There will hopefully be a 3 day mini intensive (sat-mon) in January or February, a great suggestion from Chris! If you are interested, drop a line to Mark so we can gauge numbers. 

I wish you all a peaceful and restorative Christmas and New Year.

Love Caro

14 November 2021

Monthly in person Sunday classes with Mark have begun

These classes started this week and will continue on the second Sunday of every month 3-6pm, £15, at Mark's studio. 121s are also available at the studio any time. All TCC students are welcome.

11 November 2021

Mark's Zoom classes resume next week - details

Regular Monday night Left side class and Thursday night Dance B side classes will start up again from 15th November. If you have been coming to any of Mark's online classes in 2021, you'll receive and invitation to these, all in the same email. Classes cost £10. Just reply with 'unsubscribe' if you would like to be removed from the list. My laptop is currently dying, but I hope to send the emails by Friday lunchtime using ingenious workarounds!

Sunday afternoon in-person drop-in classes will also resume monthly at Mark's studio near Hampton Court. First class is 4-6pm Sunday 14th November, and then each subsequent second Sunday of the month. Class costs £15.

Warmest wishes from breezy Bournemouth.

01 November 2021

New Aboyne class

Anneke has a new class starting this week in Aboyne, here are the details:

Tuesdays 9.30-11am starting this Tuesday 2 Nov 21 

At Aboyne-Dinnet Church Hall, Huntly Road Aboyne

drop-in class £10/£12 per class (if group is big enough, I can offer further discount)

come along or drop me an email  anneke (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

28 October 2021

Mark's Tuesday classes in London

Mark's classes resumed this week after a break for the Scottish workshop. They'll continue until Christmas break. All TCC students are welcome.

Online classes will resume soon when the topics and times have been discussed with those who'd like to come. Get in touch with Mark if there's something you really want to do via Zoom. Of course, there may end up being another lockdown in UK, in which case there may be more online classes, as there were in the last one...

Wishing you all the very best for autumn, from me in Dorset. Thanks to Davina for all her work organising the workshop last week. The pictures look lovely. 

I plan to resume studying with Mark in London this term, hip allowing. See you soon, Caro.

26 October 2021

Autumn workshop thanks

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Autumn workshop with Mark for all your work and enthusiasm, and best wishes to those who weren't able to attend. Thanks also to Mark for his teaching at the workshop, the Left Side class, and all the 121s. The redecorated hall was lovely to be in and we'll be organising future visits by Mark in due course. As it was our first workshop in 2 years I didn't take many photos, but just to confirm that we did have:



and, of course, cake!

13 October 2021

Fetternear Hall housekeeping information

 I’ve visited the hall to see the changes as a result of the refurbishment work and here are a few things you need to know:

There is no longer access into the hall via the kitchen, so please come in through the main front door.

As usual the small hall will be laid out as our dining room - please leave any cold food on the “buffet table” in there.
If you are bringing food that needs to be reheated, bear in mind there is no longer a microwave. If a number of folk need to be reheating/cooking, please agree amongst yourselves who will take care of watching / stirring to minimise the number of people in the kitchen at one time. Where possible, bring hot food through to the small hall for serving.
Update: you can bring food to share or your own packed lunch - whichever you prefer.

There is a brand new urn in the kitchen for teas/coffees (so no more waiting for kettles to boil!). Mugs, milk, sugar and a selection of teas will be available in the small hall.
We will use the hall’s plates and mugs and I will bring cutlery and some basic utensils. Feel free to bring your own plate / mug / cutlery if you prefer.  

We will use the dishwasher in the kitchen rather than washing up by hand. If you have anything you don’t want to go through the industrial-strength machine, then please take it away with you to wash at home.

The notices in the hall stating that masks must be worn apply to events open to the public. You may wear a mask if you wish, and guidance is to wear a mask if <1m from another household. As always I’m sure you’ll be considerate of your fellow students - remember you may not be aware of their personal or household situation and circumstances.

Regarding payment for the workshop, I can take cash on behalf of Mark. Let me know if you are paying by bank transfer and also if you need Mark’s payment details. 

If there is any other information you need I’ll see what I can do to help. See you soon!