26 March 2019

T'ai Chi Centre 2019 Intensives - details

Summer Intensive Leander Sea Scouts, Kingston, near London: July 20-27th 2019, Saturday 2pm - Friday 9.30pm (2-5pm and 6.30-9.30pm daily). On Friday 19th 7-10pm we have the optional but regular Ta Lu, Wabu, knocking, San Shou practice session. Come on the first day and then for as many days as you can come to subsequently. There are spaces for students to stay in the hall at no extra cost.
Autumn 3 Day workshop at Fetternear, Aberdeenshire, October 12-14th 2019, 2-9.30pm daily, optional weapons session evening of 11th. Accommodation in hall or with local students can be arranged.

Both workshops £44 / £24 per day. We all bring food to share at the dinner break. You can email enquiries@greatrivertaichi.co.uk with questions or call Caro on 07732 659104.
We are at the same venues as last year, and apart from dates, all the details are the same.
Details of local B&B and self catering accommodation are available from Caroline. These weeks are wonderful times to work deeply in a friendly group with exceptional teaching in a beautiful and historic stretch of the river Thames.All students are welcome to these workshops, including those from different schools or styles by arrangement. Please enquire by email or call for availability and suitability.

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Davina Gray said...

Sleeping overnight in Fetternear Hall is not recommended due to the lack of facilities. Please contact me if you were intending staying there and we can discuss. OK for campervans to be in the carpark overnight.