23 March 2019

A big thank you

For all the Aberdeenshire students, a heartfelt thank you. Some of you have been coming along 4 or 5 years, some of you almost 16 years. To have such a great posse of students, who practice, work well together, and who are willing to try out my latest research endeavours, is such a blessing. I am so happy with how your T'ai Chi is coming on, and hope that I will always bring you enough challenging but inspiring work, as well as encourage your interest in the study. Sometimes the main work of a session is about lifting the spirits, especially after a long winter. Sometimes it is bright sunshine outside and all about cracking on with things. But whatever we do, I would like to say how much I appreciate both the good energy you all contribute, and that you continue to make a place in your lives for, well, this rather niche and un-glamourous activity that I also love. Those of you who are instructing, whether formally or informally, are also doing great work, which shows whenever I meet your students.

Beltane eve greetings and deepest best wishes, from the Great River.

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