22 July 2021

Summer workshop begins this weekend

Dear friends, for those of you coming to the summer workshop, see you in Twickenham on Saturday at 2pm. If for any reason you don't have the address yet, drop me a text or email. I will post pictures as we go.

In other news, who knows how Covid will effect the plans for the Scottish autumn workshop? We won't know more for a while.

Short Form online classes with me resume 1st week September. 

Trinity Church Hall classes and Weds group classes with Mark resume early September. His Zoom classes will run during the summer, dates announced at each session, by arrangement. I will send out the invites as usual until Mark can take that over.

I am attempting to be on sabbatical, but you can email if you need to get in touch.

Love to you, if you are reading this. Have a good summer.


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