27 January 2021

Our new website is live

This month I have been mostly staring at the laptop screen!

Great River T'ai Chi has a new online home - www.greatrivertaichi.com please have a look and let me know any thoughts, email me with suggestions, mistakes you may have noticed, or anything else. I have chosen a very simple style of layout, as people spend so much time online these days, it is good just to provide clear text, the information they may need, and some nice pictures. Crucially, this Wordpress site, like my art site at www.carolineross.co.uk, is optimized so that it is easily viewed on any device, phone, tablet or laptop / pc / Mac.

The old website now redirects there too. All the content has been refreshed or rewritten. I just have a few photos to find over the next few days and will keep adding at least one article to the blog each week. This events blog will stay here, as it is where we put all the 'housekeeping' messages and announcements for those already part of the schools. 

Today's new Sort Form lesson is up on the Dropbox. Best wishes to all, Caro x

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