24 June 2020

15th Annual Summer intensive is cancelled for 2020, rescheduled for 2021

Dear Friends, 
                        It is with great sadness that I must inform you that we are cancelling this year's annual weeklong T'ai Chi Centre summer intensive. Covid-19 has certainly been a factor in making decisions. However, coincidentally, Mark is currently injured awaiting an operation, and it has now been scheduled. He has been waiting months for this, and cannot currently walk very far at all, let alone teach. So even if there were no Covid, we would probably have had to have cancelled, given the proximity of the workshop dates to his operation. 

This is as soon as I could have told everyone, as we only received the date for the op from the consultant's secretary today. We would very much like to return to the Leander Hall in 2021 if they'll have us. 

Please let other students know about this as some people don't check the blog, and Mark and I are loathe to create email lists and clog up folks' inboxes. I will ask David to put info banners about the cancellation on our websites today.

Mark is continuing teaching 121s by Skype. My Wednesday Short Form class online continues every week except in August. The Autumn workshop is running, Covid allowing, and is 4 days long. We will make sure it is a great workshop and Mark said to say do come along to that if you can, even if you don't usually make it north. He hopes to do some weekend workshops in London to make up for the loss of intense T'ai Chi practice. as soon  classes return in September, he will organise these. They may be in Tooting or Hampton Court, we are not sure yet. Any queries, feel free to get in touch with me. Mark and I send our very best wishes to everyone, thanks for all the kind messages.


Unknown said...

Very sad indeed. We wish Mark a prompt recovery.

Unknown said...

good luck with the operation and hope to see you soon

Very best wishes