16 April 2021

The T'ai Chi Centre summer intensive 2021

We can finally confirm that we will be running this year's intensive back at the Kingston Leander Sea Scout hut, our usual venue. As many folks cannot attend this year due to Covid travel restrictions or shielding we will have a 4 day event rather than the usual 7 1/2 days. It will run 2-9.30pm 24th-27th July. We won't be having a Friday night warm up session. 

It is still possible for people to stay in the venue. We will all bring our own food this year, rather than sharing dishes. Teas and drinks will be available as usual and we will have a kitchen rota for that. Cost will be £45 per day or £25 per half day, by cash, bank transfer or Paypal to Mark. Concession price is £24 per day.

Petersham Sea Scouts hut will now not be ready for hire this year, but we will be able to be there again in 2022.

Many if not most of us will have had one or both of our vaccine jabs by the end of July, and with our planned hygiene measures, bringing our own food, and providing good ventilation, the summer workshop should be no extra risk to anyone regarding Covid. If measures are relaxed as per the government plan, there should be no remaining restrictions by July 23rd, when we will gather.

However, you may feel you do not want to be indoors with people for a long period. If you normally attend, but feel you won't come to Kingston again this year, please join us in October at the proposed 4 day autumn workshop, hopefully at Fetternear Hall as usual. Next month we will see if we can organise the dates we want for that, after Scotland comes out of its restrictions. 

Also, I know it's not the same, but I hope that Mark allows me to livestream at least some of the teaching from the first day, Saturday. Particularly the bit where we do the warm ups, Short Form and Long Form, and some Salutations. That would make for a rather lovely couple of hours for people to join in. And don't worry, anyone who hates to be onscreen, I will point the webcam at Mark and check who's in view... Then, if you are at home, you can at least make a cuppa, clear your living room floor, and join in with some medicinal T'ai Chi together. At Tea break we can all say hi if we want to, via the little Zoom boxes...

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